Pet Hotel

Pet Hotel

Our pet hotel offers Gardens-48several options for guests in our air-conditioned, nautical themed facility.  Pair this with our doggie day care option so your dog can enjoy day time play with other pups!

The Captains Quarters (large dogs)
These 6×3 comfy runs allow plenty of space to stretch out. Your pet will enjoy individual outdoor play time three times daily.

The Skippers Room (small dogs)WP_20150421_14_43_58_Pro
Great for smaller pets. Individual outdoor playtime three times daily with slightly.

Feline Quarters (cats)
Peace and quiet. Individual housing without the disturbance of barking.

Coming Spring 2018!Gardens-52.jpg

A brand new newly renovated and upgraded luxurious boarding facility and doggy play yard. Equipped with luxury suites, room service and a fun play yard!